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The Different Ways To Access The Internet

The internet, since its introduction in the 90s has grown considerably. It has become a large part of our lives and industries. Further the internet improved many industries and created many new ones. The internet bought in the digital revolution. Today we live in a computer age where we rely on the internet for basically everything. Nearly every device is connected to the internet 24/7 and the whole world is connected. There are many ways we connect to the internet. Not all are used but some are more popular than others. Here are some different ways to access the internet.


Wi-Fi is the most popular way to access the internet. Distance of the Wi-Fi connection varies from device to device. Also the device being used has a certain range limit. All laptops and phones come with a Wi-Fi chip to connect to the internet. Since its first introduction Wi-Fi has been becoming faster and the range has been increasing. Due to Wi-Fi, wherever you travel, you can easily take your laptop or phone and connect to it. There are even some cities that have Wi-Fi connectivity all over.

Modem/ Router

Even though Wi-Fi is the most popular mode of accessing the internet, it needs a device that sends out the Wi-Fi waves. Those devices are routers. Before Wi-Fi, routers and modems were used everywhere. Devices were connected through an Ethernet cable. Even today most desktops use the ethernet cable to connect to the internet. This is the most stable way of connection to the internet where the internet is received consistently. Modems are available both wired and wireless but they will have to be connected to a power source to function. Visit this page if you are looking for prepaid sim card.


Dongles were very popular and are still being used. The reason, dongle use has gone down is due to the prevalence of Wi-Fi everywhere. Dongles use a sim card in Japan that is inserted into a small device which is then connected into a USB port to access the internet. This is still useful when you’re somewhere there’s no Wi-Fi connection. The only issue with the dongle is that it has to be somewhere there’s coverage just like a phone. In case there’s no coverage the dongle is obsolete. Today most locations are covered but there are still some places where coverage is low to nil.

Dial Up

Dial up is one of the first methods used to access the internet. Now it is not in use anymore. Usually to connect to the internet, the user has to contact the service provider who activates the internet for a short while. During this time, internet was slow and expensive but now due to the high speeds and low cost, internet has become cheap and fast enough to not need a dial up connection.